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    Thursday, 13 April 2017

    anzac day poems to celebrate anzac day 2017 with bliss

    anzac day poems bring back the memories kept in our hearts to cherish great deeds of valor and courage by our hero's of anzac .here we are celebrating anzac day 2017 by reading these amazing poems of anzac day and sharing them on social media with our friends and family to commemorate the great hero's of our nation .

    anzac day horseman with flag

    Elsdon Best, one of the best New Zealand writer and poet, wrote these words on the death of his friend Paul Freyberg (brother of Sir Bernard Freyberg, V.C.). 
    Paul was mortally wounded while fighting at Basseville, France, in 1917. (Basseville is 10 miles south of Ypres)

    Today the lonely winds are loose
    And crying goes the rain.
    While here we walk the field they knew
    The dead who died in pain.
    The fields that wait the slow hours long
    For sounds that shall not come.
    In other fields, in other earth
    The laughing hearts are dumb.

    And finally Here comes the ANZAC Day service poem that is sung around the country on April 25th each year:

    The ANZAC Dedication:
    For the Fallen
    by Laurence Binyon

    They shall not grow old,
    As we that are left grow old.
    Age shall not weary them,
    Nor the years condemn.

    At the going down of the sun,
    And in the morning,
    We will remember them.
    We will remember them.

    Now we shall take a look at some of the Poems on pictures on anzac day for anzac day 2016 celebration with bliss all around
    anzac day poems for anzac day 2017


    Anzac-Day-Poems-Lest-We-Forget-we will-remember-them

    Anzac Day Poems Lest We Forget

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    lest we forget anzac day poem

    lest we forget poem for anzac day 2017

    I hope you liked our collection of anzac day poems for celebration of anzac day 2017 with our great nation heros and family and friends by sharing these amazing anzac day 2017 poems on anzac day 2017 ....lest we forget :)

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